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This campaign has been created to support school and instrumental music teachers and signpost them to practical resources so that children and teachers #CanDoMusic in school. Find out more.

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It is wonderful to be back and being able to ‘do what we do’ again. Having been prevented from creating live music together for so long, the bubbles have now gone, restrictions have lifted and we are beginning to see significant and positive growth in music once again.


The last 18 months have been the quietest period I have ever known at BCCS. The biggest loss of all has been the lack of communal music making. Our team of 28 peripatetic instrumental teachers have done a phenomenal job of keeping online lessons going and curriculum lessons have by and large adapted well to non-specialised rooms and bubble protocols. But we have missed our BCCS music community. The joy of singing together, coming together for concerts, in-class performances and celebrating music communally. The whole school community is excited to reset and rebuild music this year.